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Windfestival 3-4-5-6 October 2019 Diano Marina

The Windfestival is currently the biggest Action Sport Expo in Italy, dedicated to water and wind sports (Windsurfing – Surfing – Kitesurfing – Paddle Surfing).

Around the Expo are offered activities and school with free mini-lessons, competitions, exhibitions, music, night parties, fitness on the beach and the bikini contest, to make the event accessible to a heterogeneous public and especially to the family with particular attention to people with disabilities.

Our event has hosted the best brands in the sector for 5 years, both Italian and international, including through importers, representatives and delear.

In the last edition, over 40 exhibitors presented their products in preview, enhancing all the news and the evolution of new equipment.

The presence of 14 schools, from all over Italy, guaranteed free lessons and mini-tests to all visitors, being able to involve not only the fans, but all those who for the first time have made contact with these sports.

In the fitness area, the presence of professional entertainers and instructors of local gyms, have also proposed activities for those who do not like sea and wind sports.

The competitions and performances offered are of international level and attract athletes also from neighboring France, Switzerland, Austria and some Eastern countries.

The event is therefore suitable for all targets: families, athletes, enthusiasts and curious.

In the 3 days, about 10,000 people visit the Windfestival to give the right tribute to the end of the summer.

How to visit/do:

Area Wind/Surf/Sup/Kiteboard

Area Expo Wind-Sup-Surf-Kite:

Potrai vedere, toccare con mano e provare in anteprima i materiali 2019 windsurf, kitesurf, stand up paddle e surf dei migliori brand internazionali.

Area Mountain Bike

Area Expo Mountain Bike:

Novità 2018: la nuova area dedicata alla Mountain Bike muscolare o elettrica. In programma test, escursioni e bike shuttle.

Gare Stand Up Paddles

Gare Stand Up Paddles:

Long Distance, Sprint Race, e gare amatoriali promozionali aperte ad atleti, amatori e bambini.

Bikini Contest

Bikini Contest:

Uno dei contest più amati della nostra manifestazione. Se hai il B-side più bello di tutti voli a Tenerife in vacanza.


Giornate Paralimpiche:

Dall’inizio della nostra avventura sosteniamo i ragazzi amputati che hanno scelto le nostre discipline. Quest’anno abbiamo inserito le giornate paralimpiche con esibizioni e gare dedicate a tutti i diversamente abili in collaborazione con Cip Liguria.

In allestimento

Windsurf Freestyle:

Rigorosamente Tow-In. Una delle discipline più spettacolari nel panorama del windsurf freestyle dove vedrete evoluzioni incredibili in assenza di vento. Possibile? si lo è.

In allestimento
Scuole gratuite

Scuole gratuite:

Una dozzina di scuole di wind-sup-surf-kite a disposizione con minilezioni gratuite da 30 minuti, per avvicinare chiunque agli action sport di vento e di mare.


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